Bloons Tower Defense Game Info

This is the first game in the popular bloons tower defense games series. You need to pop  all the bloons that float by before they escape the maze. Build strategically placed bloons popping tower defences which fire darts, tacks, bombs, and ice at the balloons. When you get more money by shooting the bloons you can upgrade your towers or buy new ones. You can build five different towers; the dart tower costs 250 point, shoots fast and can upgrade to piercing darts and long range darts. Tack towers cost 400 points and shoots volley of tacks in 8 directions. Ice towers cost 850 points, they shoot slow and freezes nearby balloons so you can destroy them with bombs. Bomb towers cost 900 points and launches a bomb that explodes on impact. The super monkey tower is the most powerful tower and it shoots a continuous stream of darts and can take down even the fastest bloons, but it will cost you 4000 points, so you will need to save up some points before it can be purchased.

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  • gfunk

    bloons 4 life yo!


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