Cursed Treasure Game Info

Cursed Treasure is a tower defence game where your goal is to keep your gems from being stolen. Enemies go from the entrance to the cave, take one gem and carry it back to the entrance. If you save at gem, even if it's out of the cave, the mission will be completed! To destroy the enemies you should build towers. there are 3 basic towers: den can be built only on a grass tile crypt can be built only on a snow tile temple can be built only on a rock tile be sure you have enough gold to afford a tower. you will earn gold for each destroyed enemy. and remember that can't build a tower on a forest tile. A tower shoots at enemies automatically if an enemy is within tower's shooting towers gain experience for shooting at enemies. if a tower has enough experience you can itto the next level. so if you see "up' icon over a tower click on it and the tower in the tower's window. Enemies will attack in waves in a certain period of time. Place the cursor onto the wave to see the stats of the attacking units. You can control the speed of the game using time control buttons.

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