Elite Forces Defense Game Info

Protect Delta station by waves of enemy soldiers by building and upgrading towers from a choice of over 60 tower types and the help of two playable heroes. By upgrading Towers, you'll get new kind of Tower with different stats as well asother weapons. Ice towers have slow power. Ultimate building can freeze for some seconds. Hero towers will improve the base damage of the hero weapons. Lack of splash damage. The light will guide your weapons, by doing it faster. Energy towers will improve maximum damage of hero weapons and all towers. All towers have a small base damage but devastating maximum damage. Fire towers will improve all radius of explosions. All fire towers have splash damage. Poison towers inflict poison and improve the power of poison. Ultimate building do extreme damage to enemies who have already been poisoned. To change weapon during defence - use mouse wheel, or 1-8 keys. Controls: Mouse - building towers, Arrows/WASD, moving hero, 1-81Mouse_wheeI - changing weapons, Space - Forge, rftgyhuji - shortcuts for building towers, Holding Shift - makes game faster, P - Pause.

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