Sour Patch Kids: Candy Defense

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Download free Sour Patch Kids: Candy Defense app. The mischievous SOUR PATCH KIDS® candy need your help!

A horde of enemy gummies has invaded and must be defeated with your sour powers. Shield yourself with a coat of sour armor and defend your yard against hordes of gummy bunnies, bears, spiders and other sweet fiends using a vast arsenal of towers and heroes at your command! Fight your way through the yard, and sweeten the deal with different towers and heroes. Your gummy opponents will pucker up as you command your heroes and face legendary monsters on a mission to guard the yard from the sugary savages! Show these pesky invaders what sour coated heroes are made of! Use your sour savvy to push them back to the candy bag they crawled out for a taste of sweet victory.


> Awesome defense battles and intense boss fights!
> 12 specialized tower upgrades to customize your strategy!
> Command your Heroes and see them take on the gummy horde!
> Unique hero abilities and auras to charge up your towers offensive power!
> Over 16 different enemies, from Bears to Bunnies each with their own skills!
> Hours of gameplay with over 160 achievements.
> Extra missions that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit.

Download free app for iOS iPhone, iPad or Android APK.

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  • Kayla Furman

    I cannot find this game on google play any more. Please bring it back


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