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"Superhero TD Defense Game" is for those fans who value the strategical beauty of quality defense games. It is a refreshing take on the genre, as it features a super hero theme and rich diversity of levels and troops.

In fact, the game will have you playing with delight due to:

Altogether 24 levels, most of which are brilliantly unique
Various types of enemies coming by land, sea or air
6 upgradable towers to spice up your tactics
3 superheroes, each of who will serve as your distinguished captain
Options for playing the game in offline mode

But let’s first look at the turmoil that has been unleashed. It seems that the supervillains have risen once again, eager to take over the galactic and turn it into a dark world full of injustice and warfare. They have prepared an intimidating number of evil soldiers and threaten the peaceful status quo.

Such behavior cannot be tolerated by the heroes of our time. You have been called upon to pick your champion, gather your troops and organize a strategic tower defense. Boys, girls, women, men – old and young, everyone relies on you and your defenders to restore the justice and peace that have been lost.

"Super Hero TD Defense Game" will amaze you with its 24 different levels that showcase a completely new environment to lead your battles on. Test your strategy in different scenarios and become a generator of warfare ideas, ready to lead the next epic battle.

Tanks, troops and of course, guns, seem like something static. They are absolutely not here, as the game offers you a catalogue of land, sea and air enemies. You will be constantly on the lookout, diving in yet another demanding battlefield! The rules of air combat are very different than defending against oncoming fleets, right?

What matters most, however, is the arsenal of towers you have at your disposal. Pick your strategy by utilizing the accuracy of sniper towers, the iron precision of machine gun towers, or the brute force of rocket towers. Bring the winter to the combat with ice towers that will have your enemies freeze, or rely on flame or electric towers. The choice to define your way to defeat the bad guys is solely yours!

Who will be the mighty captain ready to enter a world of steel, war and dignity? You are free to give your own answer to that by picking one of the three unlockable superheroes. Each of them a fantastic option, they will suit your preferences as for who is the best champion to lead your defenders to victory.

You can enjoy the game either in online or offline mode. There are built-in scoreboards that allow you to measure your intelligent tactics and combat results with other gamers from all over the world. After all, why not share your success and cunning way of leading war with others? It is a part of the game!

Do you hear gunfire? Does the ground tremble under the steps of oncoming super villains? That’s your call to battle. Enter it and reap your glorious victory!

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