Tower Defense: Island Death

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Tower Defense: Island Death – One of the best attractive game and breakthroughs in Tower Defense – Strategy category.
Island Death is set in the Cyamic species, an alien creature suddenly invaded Crolla. They eat meat and reproduced rapidly, become incalculable threats to humankind, compulsory humanity to participate in the most intense Tower Defense.

Every Military Power was mobilized to kill the creatures, The Warrior – Tower Defense starters, players must use Tactical and Strategy in each screen to win.

Island Death with breakthroughs from gameplay to graphics and sounds, bring different experiences to players.

#### Powerful Warrior, advanced Weapons:
Island Death with the most Powerful Warrior and equipped with modern weapons, each weapon has various function and explosive power to the player choose

#### The War solidly:
Island Death system solidly with defensive powerful Tower with different levels

#### Defense Zone and gameplay:
Island Death with plentiful Defense Zone and many different terrain, from desert, mountain forest to the city, there are the strategic Defense Zone. The enemy with both road and air monster will make player excited

#### Great Graphics and Sound in this kind of Tower Defense games currently:
Island Death with graphics is raised to new heights, photos and crisp sound to honesty will please the most discerning players

How to play this Island Death game?
+ Choose the map, slots to play, the difficulty
+ Arranging the Weapons with strategic defense system
+ Players can choose the speed to play
+ Upgrade weapons, killing the enemy and reclaim their territory.

Let’s play Tower Defense: Island Death, Applying the Strategy to destroy all the enemies, to bring peace to the world

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