Zombie Smash Basketball – Tower Defense!

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When hope is lost and nothing could help…
When you have only one chance to save everything you hold dear…
When even plants are powerless to blunt the attack …
A BASKETBALL turns out to be the most efficient weapon against zombies… Well, fair enough, a basketball and a TON OF DEADLY WEAPONS!

An original and highly explosive arcade-like mix of basketball and tower defense, where accuracy, speed and tactics play en equally important role! Fierce fightings against zombies and never-ending action are one tap of you!

What could be better then zombies? Only destruction of zombies! Herds of walking deads from different ages groan for destroying your last shelter, but they don’t yet know what awaits them.

Save up energy, throwing the ball and strike at enemies! Dozens of weapons with the most unexpected features will help you take down brain hunters! Stop, freeze, explode, SQUASH zombies! Make them blow to pieces!

• Stunning graphics
• Easy-to-learn game mechanics
• Crazy Creaker, who is ready to shoot down everyone you weapon fails to reach
• iCloud Support
• Game Center Support

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